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Our team is taking part in The World’s Toughest Row – Atlantic in 2024 to raise awareness of the enriching contribution of the AGC ETS to the Army offer.

Picture by: Charlotte Graham

Dec Lynn

Dec is from County Mayo in the West of Ireland. He joined the Army in 2005. Having had significant hearing issues in childhood, Dec only learnt to read later in life. He has first-hand experience of the effects a good teacher can have on their students. This understanding was instrumental in his desire to commission into the AGC ETS. 

He is passionate about education and providing opportunities for others. He is an advocate for Lifelong Learning and has recently completed his third Masters Degree. He has completed tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan and in 2015 he received an MBE for services to education.

Dec is also a cancer survivor and has fundraised for a number of cancer related charities. He enjoys distance running, good company, a good read and being Dad to Noah and Emily.

Picture by: Charlotte Graham

Jess Hunter

Raised in Australia, Jess completed a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney before moving to the UK. As the youngest member of the team, she initially gained a Reserve commission with 4 PWRR in Nov 2019 before commissioning into the ETS in Dec 2022.

Jess’ outdoorsy upbringing founded her love for all things water. She swam for several years at the Australian national level, but preferred the hours spent training over racing itself. This interest developed over time into a passion for endurance swimming; she completed an English Channel solo swim in Aug 2023, and will attempt a Strait of Gibraltar solo swim in Apr 2024. When she is ‘a grown up and has lots of money’ she hopes to complete all of the Oceans Seven marathon swims.

Initially supporting the Oarsome team as Head of Charity Fundraising, she joined the crew as a rower in Jan 2024. She rowed briefly at university but quit after deciding she preferred being in the water rather than on it. If there was ever a time to believe people can change, she hopes this is it. Jess looks forward to the physical and mental challenge of rowing 3000 miles, not only to prove to herself she is capable of doing so, but because it may finally give her something interesting to talk about.

Caroline Hart

Caroline is from Bristol. She read Maths and Physics at UCL before going on to study Classics at Cambridge. She joined the Army in 2006 and commissioned into the ETS in 2007. She is currently Officer Commanding 18 Army Education Centre Group, based at Colchester.

It was during her time at Cambridge that her love of rowing really emerged. She went on a row for her College at University and RMAS. Her rowing achievements include the completion of a Cross Channel row in 2005. It has not however, been in a boat for over 15 years. The love has never gone though and was reignited, despite the rain, when invited to join the team for this epic challenge.

Caroline jumped at the once in a lifetime opportunity for comradery, to push herself mentally and physically testing her resilience in a uniquely challenging setting. Constantly inspired by her children who seem able to take on the world, although just 8 and 4. Caroline sees this experience as an opportunity to do something amazing and prove we can all try to be ‘that person’, whatever our age, gender or experience.

Picture by: Charlotte Graham
Picture by: Charlotte Graham

Graham Doyle

Graham is from Ireland, and is a serving officer in the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC) Educational and Training Services (ETS). As an Army Officer, educator and father, Graham believes his fundamental role is to inspire those around him to develop themselves and continuously improve. The only way to do this is by leading by example.

Every aspect of this challenge, both in the preparation and the row itself, will be new for Graham. The requirements to just get to the starting line will be the most demanding for him, particularly in his specific role as Team Financial Officer.

Having barely managed five minutes on a rowing machine to date, Graham is currently trying to ignore the fact that this three-year journey will end with a row across the Atlantic. However, having recently had his second child, the idea of two hours on, two hours off for fifty days actually sounds pretty appealing.

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