Mandatory Training

What an absolutely brilliant week for the Oarsome Team!

We moved out of our first operating base in the north-west and into our new Team Home on the south coast ready for future training events. Both teams have been massively supportive and brilliant to work with.

The team also undertook (and passed) 3 of the 5 mandatory courses required to undertake the challenge. They have already completed the Ocean Rowing Course. The outstanding course is a 1-day first aid course. A massive thanks to JSASTC for their help and co-operation in facilitating this bespoke requirement.

And, most importantly….with the help of Army Commercial, Army Corporate Governance and Regional Command Civ Sec, we are moving towards getting major sponsors on contract this side of Christmas. Stand by for sponsorship announcements in the next few weeks.
In short, a great week that leaves us dangerously close to pulling this off.

Our First Outing

The boat is finally on the water! After a few days of learning the basics of rowing, on the River Thames, we have finally managed to get out on our ocean rowing boat, but within the safe waters of Lake Windermere for our first ventures.

Learning to Row

Every journey starts with a single footstep, or, in this case, paddle stroke!

The Oarsome Army Educators came from all over the country and converged on The Army Rowing Club in Abingdon to commence their rowing training.

In a bid to prove there is no feat they can’t take on, they even capsized the “uncapsizable” training boat!
Dispute the unforeseen levels of dampness, it was a really encouraging and useful few days. A few team members are even considering more river rowing in the future.

Ocean Rowing Course

We’ve all now completed our Ocean Rowing Course. The first of the mandatory training courses we need to complete, it gives a great insight into the adventure we have embarked on. It is delivered by Atlantic Campaigns and covers many topics from before the event, what happens throughout the race, the help they can give to families and many, many others. A busy day with lots of useful information and very worthwhile doing as early as possible.